Meditation From An Unknown Healer

“I thank Thee for the rain and its season, for the gentle winds, and the merciful clouds, for the heat and cold, all adapted by Thy love to meeting human comfort and Nature’s needs.

For all of these Thou hast appointed a time so that the beauty and productiveness of Thy creation may increase. Let nothing hinder the harmony of the whole, but let man and Nature work together to restore perfection of Thy kingdom on Earth.

“I now speak peace and harmony to the elements, that all Nature may receive directly from Thy hands and fulfil its purpose of beauty and productiveness, in the name and through the power of the One who said to waves and winds: ‘Peace. Be still,’ and received instant recognition and obedience. I speak to all Thy creation: ‘Let harmony and peace reign supreme in you, that it may be so in the elements’


Excerpt from book Sacred Woman by Queen Afua

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