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Twowards Threedom Herbs & Herbal Teas 

At Twowards Threedom Herbs & Herbal Teas, we do extensive research on the scientific herbal actions and traditional use of medicinal plants to showcase how nature authentically offers us what we need to thrive in our spiritual, mental and physical development. Herbal medicine is ancestral, it is in our DNA. Before modern pharmaceuticals people used herbs to maintain their health. In nature, all herbs have multiple phytochemicals, thus multiple herbal actions, and they all complement each other in a holistic way making herbs one of the best tools for continued wellbeing. 


We try to source herbs as close to home as possible to lower our carbon footprint. The leaves, flowers, roots, barks and spices we offer are natural or organic to provide you with a quality experience from your first sip to your last.



The Founder’s Story

Black herbalist from London, African/Caribbean herbalist Sophia Myambala

Welcome, and thank you beautiful soul for choosing to visit us. My name is Sophia and I study Naturopathic Herbal Medicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I launched Twowards Threedom Herbs & Tea in 2020 with my partner Akaa who is a Digital Media Practitioner and Designer.

My journey to becoming a herbal medicine practitioner started in 2017. At this stage I had ‘managed’ with PMDD for almost 10 years, but my unwillingness to deal with it properly lead to symptoms of a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. Along with the mood swings, depression, irregular periods, and constipation, I was now experiencing brain fog, and slurred speech if I ate the ‘wrong food’ due food sensitivities caused by poor gut health. I struggled to walk or stand for long periods of time because of severe muscle and joint pain. I had to stop hugging loved ones because a slight touch felt like a bruise.

I didn’t know I was sick until my body needed healing. Can you relate?

After months of research, I turned to qualified holistic practitioners for help and started reflecting on how I personally grew up knowing nothing about nature’s healing abilities. My spirit was calling for an integration so that I could learn how to maintain my health lifelong using natural medicine. In 2020, by God’s grace and with Akaa’s support, I was able to get well using herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and mindfulness tools.

This inspired me to get properly educated, and we decided to launch Twowards Threedom Herbs & Tea so that we can offer you the same blends we use on an almost daily basis. 

Our long-term goal is to make herbal medicine and naturopathic healthcare more accessible and desirable to everyone.


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