About Us


Twowards Threedom Herbs and Herbal Tea Shop

At Twowards Threedom Shop, we believe that love and self-knowledge are the path to spiritual freedom. Nature is our assistant in this journey, so with Her help we create herbal tea blends and provide you with the herbs that can help you become your most aligned and healthy self.

We want to see you heal, to reconnect with God, and to experience inner peace. Our long-term goal is to make herbal medicine and holistic wellness more accessible and desirable to everyone.


The Founder's Story

Welcome, and thank you beautiful soul for choosing to visit us. My name is Sophia. I'm a Naturopathic Herbal Medicine student, a writer and a mother.

My journey to becoming a natural health practitioner started in 2017 when I developed symptoms of a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I experienced brain fog, slurred speech, depression, difficulty with my mobility, muscle weakness and tenderness, and joint pain. I didn’t know that my body was sick until I needed healing! I turned to qualified holistic practitioners rather than conventional medicine for help, and started reflecting on how I personally grew up knowing nothing about nature’s healing abilities. My spirit was calling for an integration so that I could maintain my health lifelong without the need for medication. Within the next three years, I got my health back by using herbal medicine, mindfulness, and energy healing (GOD). This inspired me to get educated and start the Twowards Threedom Shop with my partner that so I can support others back to a state of health.