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I haven’t had any lucid dreams yet. Is it safe to increase my servings?
People who are familiar with mind-altering or stimulating substances may not be as sensitive to the blend at the recommended serving size so it is safe to increase your intake to allow for a lucid experience. Someone who is new to lucid dreaming will benefit from using other meditative tools, as recommended in our Lucid Dream Tea Guide.

Do I have to pay extra for a Tea Guide?
We update the guides every 6 months to ensure the links are active, and the information is still relevant. The latest copy of the Lucid Dream, Sacred Womb and Heart Opener Tea Guide are available for free with the purchase of any related herb or herbal tea blend. You must email us within 3 months of your initial purchase at info@twowardsthreedom.com to be eligible. Alternatively, you can get it for a £1.50 as a sole purchase. 
Can I get a custom order?
All herbal tea blends are customisable. It is optional, not compulsory for us to offer this and we have the right to refuse a request to customise your order. Send an email to info@twowardsthreedom.com to discuss how we can accommodate your taste.

Wholesale availability.  

    If you are interested in a wholesale purchase (250g plus), then email us at info@twowardsthreedom.com to discuss options and prices.

     Is your packaging eco-friendly?

    Not completely. We are a small business that is self-funded so originally we didn’t have the capital to make our products fully eco-friendly. Each order brings us closer to our goal of eco-friendly packaging by the end of 2021.