Our Goals For The New Year! 2023

Our Goals For The New Year! 2023

We hope your enjoyed the winter holidays & Happy New Year!


Hey friends, 

Akaa and I have spoken many times about our plans for this beautiful little business and how we hope to serve you more in the future. Here's a few things we want to work on in 2023 based on the feedback you've given us.

  1. Natural Health Blog posts - We have so much we want to share on improving your health using herbs and other natural therapies and we're so excited to start sharing that with you consistently. 
  2. Adding more herbs and blends  - We got a lot of messages about herbs we do not stock, often African and South American herbs. Because of the demand we will definitely look into how to provide more rare offerings. We will also be making a few adjustments to our current blends and adding extras throughout the year.
  3. Find us at your local store! - We trialled our Threedom Tea Collection at Echo Gift and Book Shop in Dulwich, London and they were a hit! We want more people to be able to buy our teas in person and will be reaching out to independent health stores across London. It won't be easy but if it goes well you might see our teas at a shop near you by the end of 2023 :)


Our small business is only possible because of your support. We're so grateful for all the beautiful souls who bought our teas and shared our posts on social media. If you haven't already, please leave a review of your purchase on this website or at our Etsy Shop (Twowards Threedom) so other people can experience our traditional blends. 

Praying that you achieve all your goals this year and so much more. Big hugs from Sophia & Akaafele 💚

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