5 Things I Have Learnt From My Womb Healing Journey

5 Things I Have Learnt From My Womb Healing Journey

I’ve been on a womb healing journey for just over a year and this is what I have learnt so far

  1. Physical detox only isn’t a cure – As crazy as this sounds, it’s the truth. As a woman, when you realise that your womb (uterus) is unwell and you can’t get a quick fix from your GP, you instinctually think DETOX. In 2019, I went for several colonic hydrotherapy sessions, did intermitted fasts and changed my diet. I knew I had to clear out the body to heal the womb, but the trick is that we can focus on the physical when the issue is also spiritual. It wasn’t until I incorporated herbal medicine, womb prayers, breathing techniques and meditations that I noticed a deeper shift.
  2. Combination is key – There is a reason why you hear the words diet and exercise together like two best friends. Exercise moves around the stagnant energy that blocks the bodies ability to heal itself. Think back on how you felt after an impromptu dance or a jog for the bus? Perhaps out of breath but also invigorated? The body loves to be warmed up. Exercise increases the blood flow to the womb which in turn increases its’ strength, flexibility and reduces discomfort. I personally noticed that when I wake up my body, my spirit sings and a light ray flow through me, clearing my blockages.
  3. Is it emotional? – Did you know that trauma that plays in the mind makes a home in the womb? I didn’t get the memo either. Once I became aware, I met with different healers and joined sister circles. It’s important for both men and women to have a safe space to discuss difficult life experiences. Not to be considered a replacement for traditional psychotherapy, sisterhoods provide ears, hearts and the type of guidance you would only get from a loved one.
  4. Consistency – At the beginning, this journey was up and down. As soon as I would feel great I would retreat to old habits thus follows the symptoms. Eventually, I had to accept that this was not the way forward. Committing to womb healing means committing to a complete change of lifestyle. I was patient with myself in this area because I first needed to figure out what does and doesn’t work for me. This leads me to the last lesson.
  5. There are secret weapons – Many things have supported me during this year but the pinnacle would be the book Sacred Woman by Queen Afua. I didn’t expect that the book that had been sitting on my shelf for years would transform my womb healing journey after only one month of reading! If you haven’t heard of Sacred Woman before it is a 12-month womb purification programme (for full mastery) that “spiritualises the way you speak, the foods you eat, space you live and work in, the relationships you nurture...” and more. Since incorporating herbal teas and affirmations into my life on a daily basis, I can genuinely feel the difference in my womb and overall health.

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